100,000 SENT ONES

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By the end of the week, no financial provision had surfaced as Rod 'worked full time' for the Lord. Late Saturday night after the Brownsville Revival service, Steve Hill the evangelist (who didn’t know us then) came up to us during the chaotic ministry time and said, “The Lord spoke to me to give you $2,000. Would this help?” He had no idea! I wept with joy.

The next week back at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM), Rod was shocked to hear similar encounters from two of the faculty members. Dr. Michael Brown, the dean of the 1200 students, had visited Mott Auditorium in Southern California where Lou Engle prophesied, “100,000 sent out.”

Hall Family

At the same time, BRSM’s missions director, John Cava, was in Mexico praying with David Hogan. John asked for a 1,000 missionaries to be sent out. The Lord said to ask for more. John then asked for 10,000 missionaries. Once again, the Lord said to ask for more! John felt compelled to ask, “Lord, 100,000 sent ones!” The glory of the Lord manifested in that little prayer room as they felt His pleasure on their agreement! 


Rod marveled at how all three men had separately heard through supernatural revelation, “100,000 sent ones.” Years later, the three men came together with the specific purpose of praying for the ‘100,000 sent ones.’ As they prayed in agreement, the presence of the Lord once again rested heavily upon their intercession.