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Author: Lou Engle

I write this book with a word and idea whose time, I believe, has fully come. It is a revolution birthed from one verse of the Bible that, if attended to, could spark a worldwide reformation of evangelism and missions, mobilize tens of thousands of missionaries and reformers, and bring back the King!




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Author: Lou Engle

No other message that I have preached has been more endorsed prophetically and supernaturally than “the call of the Nazirite.” It has been foundational to TheCall and to the prayer and fasting movement and has erupted among young people in the last ten years. It has also been the spirit behind the Bound4LIFE prayer movement and is presently challenging the death culture and the abortion altar in this nation.

I believe that a return to Nazirite consecration is the only hope for a return to God in America. And it will be the ground preparation, even the forerunner, for the greatest spiritual awakening she has ever seen.



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Author: Lou Engle & Sam Cerny

 A Look at the Apostle Paul and the Prayer Movement.




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Author: Lou Engle & Sam Cerny

This book explores the radical nature of Elijah’s lifestyle, the keysto his prophetic ministry, and the movement he stirred up that overtook a wayward nation. For the sake of our won country collapsing under the weight of immorality, and portion and lawlessness, it is time to walk in his footsteps again. 




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Author: Lou Engle

Did you know that just beneath your feet are deep wells of revival? Are you aware that you are standing on bottomless geysers and founts of the anointing and mandates of our spiritual forefathers and mothers that are just waiting to be released afresh to you?

As America stands on the brink of the judgment of God for her sins, revival is our most glorious hope. This book is a prophetic call for us to renew covenant with God, reclaim our glorious roots, and believe for the greatest revival the world has ever known. Are you ready to dig the wells?