Ekballo is not just another school, but something I’ll look back on for the rest of my life as the season where everything shifted.




The Ekballo school cultivates a culture of modeling the life message that is taught through the classroom lectures

The atmosphere of the school is built around friendship with God. Personal time with the Lord and our priority of worship is a primary piece to the blueprint of contending prayer. Love walked out, purity, and zeal would define our community. We’re a LIFE movement, so we place great value on family and the generations co-laboring together.

We’re also a prophetic ministry that tends to live at the tip of the arrow of revelation to pioneer in contending prayer. Students get the opportunity to experience prophetic whirlwinds, the fruit of answered prayer, and see history changed. However, they leave with a sustained culture of life in Christ that will impact nations wherever they go.


Community isn’t something that happens to you. Its built, one intentional relationship at a time.
— Danny Silk



Ekballo School gives each first year student a weekly touch point with an assigned second year student. Meanwhile the second year student meets weekly with a faculty member. Student family groups also meet together once a week. These times are vital for the growing community.





One of our favorite times each week is when we gather together for living room worship. Often the sweet presence of the Lord fills the house as our voices crescendo together in high praises.



Ekballo focuses on growing in personal relationship with the Lord and even though no grades are given, homework still must be completed by the due dates in order to graduate and continue on with the program.





Ekballo by design, lives in community, giving great opportunity for the lessons learned in the classroom to be lived out in daily life. Discover your identity in Christ and develop a deeper intimacy with the Lord and other believers. Cultivate the unshakable confidence in the character of God and step into trust grounded obedience as you hear the voice of the Lord.