Lou Engle

Lou Engle is a revivalist, visionary and co-founder of TheCall solemn assemblies.

For more than three decades, Lou's passion has been to call believers into radical consecration through prayer, fasting, and acts of justice. Lou has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer.  He is the founder of the prolife ministry Bound 4 Life and has inspired other justice movements.

Lou resides in Pasadena, California, where he is a part of the leadership team at the Pasadena International House of Prayer. He recently launched the Spiritual Air Force Academy with a mandate to train and deploy teams across the world for breakthrough intercession in partnership with missions.

Lou and his wife, Therese, have been married 34 years. They have seven children.


Years ago while reading the profound and provocative book on missionary prayer, Born for Battle, I was arrested by the question posed by the author, Arthur Matthews: “Which of the workers on the field now are there as a direct answer to a prayer of mine to the Lord of the Harvest to thrust out laborers?”

That question has haunted me for years. Now, having been freshly apprehended by this radical prayer, I have begun praying Matthew 9:38 continuously, day by day. The Lord surprised me almost immediately with a stunning answer to my prayer. It began with my own family. My seventeen year old daughter came to me excitedly saying that she had received a dream. The baptism of the Spirit was at work, and my own daughter was catching the vision of God. “I was sitting in the front row of a large packed auditorium and Loren Cunningham, the leader of YWAM (Youth with a Mission), was on the stage preaching on the mantle of Moses’s leadership being passed to Joshua. He was looking right at me when suddenly he fell to the ground and died. I looked around and saw that no one was doing anything, so I leaped up onto the stage and began to give him CPR. I was crying over and over, ‘You can’t die yet, your task isn’t finished! You can’t die yet, your task isn’t finished!’ In the dream, he suddenly raised from the dead. Looking at me intensely, he said, ‘It’s not my task to finish, it’s yours!’ ”

Do you know what it means to dream the dream of God? Have you ever been gripped by such clear and vivid revelation that you were compelled to respond? With that encounter my daughter was undeniably and forcefully apprehended by a call to missions, which she is now actively laboring to fulfill. And here is the connection that must not be missed: I was praying ekballo, and my own daughter became a first fruit of that prayer! I did not have to persuade her, because the Lord of the Harvest is more than able. He spoke her language, from the inside out. As a result, she wasn’t convinced, she was compelled. I believe God gave this encounter first within my own family to personally confirm for me the power of the radical prayer and His intense willingness to answer it immediately. Such a prayer is magnetic to the heart of God. It draws heaven’s response because it touches the deepest seat of compassion in the Savior’s heart.

Please understand, this dream is not in any way prophesying Loren Cunningham’s death! The point is the symbolic transfer of the Great Commission from a missions general of this generation to a dreamer of the next so that the task of world evangelization can be completed. While this dream was a personal ekballo call to my daughter, I’m convinced it is also prophetically foretelling the destiny of this generation of young people: the evangelization of the world in this generation. As a young man, Loren Cunningham also had a vision of waves of young people going over seas as missionaries. It guided him. That vision was the catalyst for YWAM. As one of the largest and most prolific missions organizations in history, YWAM is comprised of people from over one hundred eighty countries, spanning a broad cross-section of Christian denominations. Publicly accessible numbers reveal that roughly eighteen thousand full-time volunteers labor for the gospel out of nearly a thousand ministry locations, mobilizing nearly twenty-five thousand short-term missions workers on an annual basis. Amazing! But hang on. 

Listen to Loren’s take on this, because the last time I spoke with him, his eyes lit up.“The great numbers of YWAMers that have gone forth in the last fifty years is small compared to the great wave of missionaries I saw in my early vision,” he said. The consistent cry of the Matthew 9:38 prayer will be an earthquake touching off the final tsunami of laborers. This tsunami will crash over the islands, the coastlands, the inlands, the deserts and even the great Himalayan and Caucuses mountain regions. “All the earth shall be covered with the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14).  

Ekballo! Ekballo! Lord of the Harvest, send them!

Within my own household, the story continued. Shortly after my daughter’s dream, my son, Josiah, received a powerful dream encounter as well. God was moving again in answer to this prayer.This is his own recounting of the dream: “I was in a big auditorium filled with people. I was sitting in the back row. On stage, Loren Cunningham of YWAM was preaching. I don’t remember what he was preaching, but I was so deeply moved by the message I couldn’t stay in the building. I ran outside to my car and in the dream I began weeping and crying out over and over, ‘Here am I Lord, send me! Here am I Lord, send me!’”

These are case studies of how dramatically and supernaturally the Lord of the Harvest works. After that dream, do you think anyone had to convince my son to go? And once again in the dream, tellingly, it was Loren Cunningham preaching, possibly the greatest missions statesman and mobilizer of the last several generations. To my mind, Loren represents the pleasure and high purpose of God as one who has given his life to this difficult and glorious enterprise.

The time of the Original Idea has come around again. The times are full. The flashpoint is ready. This word is going to reach “the back row” of the church and throngs of young men and women, currently stuck there, bored stiff, not knowing what to do with their lives, are going to be forcefully apprehended with the heart of Jesus for the lost. Souls will be wakened as many receive a fresh baptism of the Spirit’s missionary zeal. God’s dream will silence the droning, self-centered materialism of the “entertain me” culture. The passivity and narcissism of the American Dream is fading away. The Kingdom is advancing, violently and forcefully. Prayers are being marshaled in the House. Shall wave after wave of ekballo not soon follow? I tell you, in my own household, it has already begun. The young people will find something to live for, and yes, even die for.

The Kingdom is advancing, violently and forcefully.


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