100,000 Sent Ones

Lets come out of our small tents, look towards the heavens, and believe the realities of God.



by Marion Hall

In 1998, the Lord asked Rod to spend the week 'working' for Him full-time, praying. We had no grid for this, who did this sort of thing? God said, “Paid to pray,” He'd provide for us better than we could for ourselves. With five small children and Rod going to Bible school full-time, he had planned to use his week off school to work long hours to provide for the family. God had different plans. Rod obeyed and went to work praying eight long hours a day. He thought it would be a mountaintop experience, but it seemed more like laborious plowing. Rod walked for hours with the Lord out in the muggy Florida sun. Midweek, he traversed the white sandy beach out to a very lonely place to pray. During a short ten minute window, the heavens opened up for one life impacting encounter. The Lord spoke to Rod, “Ask me for 100,000 sent ones.” It was as if Rod was before the throne of God declaring towards earth for 100,000 wholehearted, completely abandoned, fully consecrated ‘sent ones’ to be thrust forth into the nations. Rod felt the glory of the Lord surround him. Then, as suddenly as the heavens opened, it was over and he was back to plowing in prayer as the days slowly passed.

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100,000 SVM Movement. 


In 2006, we stumbled across the fact that John R. Mott was a key leader in the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM). This movement produced 100,000 commitments from students with about 20,000 going to the field while 80,000 stayed behind to pray and support those who went out.

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Rod noticed that he would find pennies in the craziest places. A day wouldn’t pass without him randomly finding a penny. Finally, Rod realized what the Lord was saying... 

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Ekballo House of Prayer


Later in 2012, Rod walked around Mott Auditorium (named after John R. Mott) in Pasadena, California, with Lou Engle. They talked about ‘Pray! Ekballo!’ and the ‘100,000 Sent Ones’ which Rod had carried in his heart since 1998. Both men knew it was a Divine convergence to pray for laborers to be thrust, "ekballoed", into the harvest. Out of this was birthed the Ekballo House of Prayer.

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The Story Behind the Ekballo Prayer Movement


I write this message believing that an Earth-shaking revolution is about to take place because the Lord of the Harvest is breathing this prayer upon the Church of the earth.  If the first apostles were commanded to pray this prayer before they were sent...