Our vision is to train "Long Distance Flyers”—ones sent out for the purpose of winning the war in the heavens at a moments notice. We seek to do this within the context of a healthy community. They will be trained in the context of family and within a culture of prayer. 



Our mandate is to raise up Nazarite intercessors who can challenge spiritual forces of wickedness through prayer and fasting. History has shown how these ancient weapons have engaged the forces of heaven to dismantle strongholds, destroy ideologies, and shape history.




Those who understand their identity in Christ and know Him, can lead the way in prayer for another Student Volunteer Missions Movement.




Our goal is to prepare dozens of these prayer companies to be flown out on heaven's assignments, in order to open the heavens for the proclamation of the Gospel unto the ends of the earth. We are believing for a reformation in modern missions: to see contending prayer and fasting pave the way for domestic revival and foreign apostolic missions.